Clown Playground – April 2

April 2nd Clown Playground

Keland Scher will be the instructor of the next New York Downtown Clown Playground on Monday, April 2nd with his workshop, Rediscovering the Joy of Playing and Embracing the Unknown. Check out his unique approach to physical elements of clown before he leaves NYC to teach theater and movement at Chicago’s Roosevelt University!

Through the experience of imagination, creativity,innocence, and play, we invite the actor to discover or rediscover his or her sense of gravity and levity, range of breath, physical awareness and emotional connection. By reconnecting with developmental patterns formed in childhood, combined with the innocence and pleasure of the clown nose, the actor learns there is comfort and joy in openly giving and
receiving on the stage. We allow our students the freedom to find joy in the unknown. Playing in the unknown is how the magical, fantastic space between audience and actor is created.

DATE: Monday, April 2nd
TIME: 8:15-10:00 pm
ADDRESS: 440 Studios (440 Lafayette St., Across the street from The Public Theater), 3rd Floor, Studio 3A
FEE: $10
Space is limited so Reserve your spot today by emailing:
[email protected]

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