"Marvelous Marvin" Novogrodski

Marvin Novogrodski has been a performer and entertainer for over 20 years. He spent over 15 years with the Everett Dance Theatre, a group based in Providence ‘RI that mixes modern dance, circus arts, wrestling, ballet, and storytelling techniques to create original movement pieces that have been featured around the country.

Marvin has also performed as an actor in plays, and as Marvelous Marvin has entertained thousands with a number of solo school science shows that incorporate juggling, comedy, dance, magic, and science, with the unique property that all of his school shows are written in verse. School shows include “How The Body Works” and “The Magic of Science”

Marvin recently relocated to the NY/NJ area.

To find out more about Marvin’s work, please visit his website listed below:

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