Golden Nose Winners…

I attended the New York Downtown Clown First Annual Downtown Clown Awards last night. A lot of fun (and hard to say fast) It was a full house, and a great community of performers. The bar upstairs was primarily full of clown performers, and it’s a great thing to be a part of. Hats off to Christopher Luecke, who is the chief founder of the New York Downtown Clown Revue.

Presenters were Hovey Burgess and Barry Lubin, and hosted by Christopher Luecke.
Trophy’s, bizarre golden nose sculptures, were created by expert maskmaker Stanley Allen Sherman.

Four performances– Jeff Seal (who won THE BLUE BALL AWARD for danger in the face of performance), Hilary Chaplain, Kendall Cornell, and Mark Gindick.

And the moment you’ve all been waiting for– THE WINNERS!

CATEGORY: Audience Choice Best Clown
NOMINEES: Brent McCoy, Hilary Chaplain, Mark Gindick, and Poofy Du Vey
WINNER: Mark Gindick

CATEGORY: Audience Choice Best Clown Piece:
NOMINEES: Classically Trained by Hilary Chaplain, Glamourpuss by Kendall Cornell, Super Nova by Mark Gindick, and Jeff Seal and His Big Red Ball by Jeff Seal
WINNER: Super Nova by Mark Gindick

CATEGORY: Clown of The Year
NOMINEES: Eric Davis, Hilary Chaplain, Joel Jeske, and Kendall Cornell
WINNER: Joel Jeske

SPECIAL CLOWN ACHIEVEMENT AWARD: The Producers of Slava’s Snowshow (David Foster and Ross Mollison) for running the show for two record breaking years off-Broadway.

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