The Maestrosities

The Maestrosities are a clown cover band based in New York. The Maestrosities feature (from left to right) Gina Samardge as Gina on the accordion, Jenny Lee Mitchell as Dierdre on Clarinet and Operatic vocals, David Gochfeld as “The Maestro” on ukelele, vocals, and attitude, Glen Heroy as Glen on vocals and spoons, Andy Sapora as Chauncey on Tuba and Tuba, and Rod Kimball as Rod on trumpet (not pictured).

The Maestrosities

The band grew together as the musical elements of the clown play My Funny Valentine. They added a few performers, replaced some others due to other commitments, and started to rehearse in earnest.

In April 2007, they performed at a local festival and have had great success since then. Constantly adding new songs, The Maestrosities are excited to also expand their character and clown work into a full stage play during the coming months. When not touring the world and playing to sold out concerts, The Maestrosities also do birthday parties. If the price is right.

To find out more about the Maestrosities, visit their website or myspace page (listed below)

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