Two reviews of Clown Festival Shows (not by me) has two reviews of Festival shows up, and so far, the festival has charmed the reviewers.

I saw both of these guys at the opening, and I’m sure their individual shows are a lot of fun. Sadly, these are two more shows I won’t get to see. (Part of the problem of living in the town where the festival is is that your life doesn’t stop. When I am performing at a festival that I’ve gone to, it’s not like I have anything else going on in that town. I need to promote my show, and see other shows. That’s all I’m doing. Here, my schedule isn’t clear, so I’m sadly going to see very little (Yes, let me complain some more, why don’t I! Oy gevalt!)

Anyway, here’s the two reviews from

NO PLACE LIKE HOME, which is the show by Rob Torres. The reviewer doesn’t seem to like clowns very much (spends about half the review talking about scary clowns, annoying pantomime bits, and Stephen King’s IT.) Despite her fear of clowns, she seemed to like Rob’s show, and calls it charming, captivating, warm and welcoming, and funny.
Rob Torres’ website is

Bubkus is the work of Canadian clown Jesse Buck– who (a different reviewer) really loved. The show involves a lot of improvisation, audience participation (including whacking the clown over the head with a pillow) and some other improvised stunts. The review says that it’s entertaining for all generations, and I believe it!
Jesse Buck’s website is

Both reviews are very positive– read them and see!

NY Theatre is going to continue to review shows throughout the festival, so you can check back with them on their website here.

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  • Hi Adam,

    Thanks for the great article on the New York Clown Theater Festival. I read the review of Bubkus and just wanted to mention that the reviewer was referring to my family. We all had a great time although I have to admit I was mortified when my older son Cameron almost took out Bubkus when he hit him over the head with pillow. He is 9 but can pass for 12.

    Keep up the good work with this blog. I enjoy reading it. Robin Lynch

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