NYC Tramp Workshop with Giovanni Fusetti 10/31-11/4


A theatrical exploration of the American Archetype of THE TRAMP

a workshop led by Giovanni Fusetti

New York theater company The Combustibles is hosting a workshop taught by Giovanni Fusetti exploring the archetype of the Tramp. This workshop is part of the research and generation phase of a new production, Detritus, a show about waste in New York City.

The workshop will explore the Tramp as a human and poetic archetype: homeless, excluded, rejected, rebel, mad, fool, crazy, lunatic, human trash in the cycle of existence, unfit individual, broken mind, broken heart, broken life, witness, judge…he belongs to every contemporary society.

The Program
-exploring individual clown through movement analysis
-from clown to bouffon: from being mocked to mocking
-from clown to grotesque: amplification and distortion of forms
-from movement archetypes to Tramps: creating characters

The workshop participants will be Combustible company members and invited artists as well as external participants.
A strong background in physical theatre is required, as well an experience in self devised, creation based theatre.

The number of participants is limited to 12
The Tuition is $450. Early registration (BEFORE OCT 15): $400
To enroll, please contact The Combustibles at:
Or call Liza Zapol at (646) 220-8981

From Wednesday October 31st to Sunday November 4th
Wednesday and Thursday: 6:30 pm – 10:30 pm.
Friday- Saturday and Sunday : 10 am-1 pm; 2 pm-5 pm
Before and during this period participants will be encouraged to explore NYC observing the life of homeless people.

Giovanni Fusetti was a student, pedagogical assistant and improvisation teacher at the Ecole Jacques Lecoq in Paris, France. He co-founded and served as pedagogical director of KIKLOS International School of Theatre Creation in Padua, Italy, and is now developing the school’s new form: HELIKOS. Giovanni has taught and collaborated internationally with theatre companies, schools and universities such as Scuola di Teatro a l’Avogaria (Venice), The University of London, Rosegarden Theatre House (Norway), Naropa University (Boulder, CO), Centre Generation Tao (Paris), and LISPA: London International School of Performing Arts (London). He is visiting teacher at Dell’Arte School of Physical Theatre (Blue Lake, CA) and has taught THE RED NOSE workshops throughout the US in collaboration with TigerLion Works (Minneapolis), Mugwumpin (San Francisco), Octopus League (Boulder), Pig Iron (Philadelphia) and the Boulder Fringe Festival. Giovanni’s 20 years of pedagogical research includes training in Theatre in Education, Augusto Boal’s Theatre of the Oppressed, Gestalt Therapy, Bioenergetics, Wutao and Process Work. His pedagogy integrates physical theatre with different practices of physical and emotional awareness.

For more information about Giovanni Fusetti, please visit his website listed below:

For more info about The Combustibles, please visit their website listed below:

(The Combustibles show Burnt Umber is playing at the NY Clown Theater Festival tonight and tomorrow night. Check out the festival website for more info.)

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