The Combustibles Present Detritus

Celebrate Earth Day with the Combustibles and their new show Detritus.
Here’s an email I got from them:

“Where does our trash go?”

Research for DETRITUS began with the question, “where does our trash go?” But as we dug deeper, other questions bubbled to the surface, like “why do we have so much trash?” One thing we have learned is that nothing is simple when it comes to trash.

Have a look at the Story of Stuff, a short video by Annie Leonard. It gets at the complexity of the big picture in a clear and fun way. The Story of Stuff

Celebrate with us!

How? Come see our work-in-progress performance this week then stick around afterwards, share your thoughts, and be a part of a conversation about sustainability.

After the show we’ll be at a nearby pub:
The Parlour at 250 W 86th St.
$4 well & drafts with your program

Work-In-Progress Performances

Artists of Tomorrow Festival

Produced by Six Figures Theatre Company

Saturday, April 26 @ 2:00 pm
Sunday, April 27 @ 6:00 pm

West End Theatre
263 W. 86th Street (Btwn Broadway & West End)

Tickets: $15 – Buy Tickets Online Here

More Info:

Email Us: [email protected]

Reminder: The Sustainable Circus is coming! May 29th, 7-9:30pm

Detritus Header


Conceived & Developed by the ensemble
Performers: Lynn Berg, Audrey Crabtree, Jeff Seal, Anne Sorce & Liza Zapol
Directed by: Larissa Lury
Assistant Director: Jill Beckman
Producer: Teresa Ryno
Bouffon Consultant: Eric Davis
Music: Dave Edson

In association with Ten Directions

DETRITUS is made possible in part with the public funds from the Manhattan Community Arts Fund, supported by the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs and administered by the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council.

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