Circus Flora presents Sherwood Forest June 5-22

Circus Flora is a one ring tent circus founded in 1985 by Ivor David Balding, Sheila and Sam Jewell and Alexandre Sacha Pavlata with the dual mission of entertainment and education. In 1986, the first Circus Flora production premiered at the internationally acclaimed Spoleto Festival, an annual celebration of the performing and visual arts in Charleston, S.C.

Circus Flora was established as a theater company, specializing in an ensemble, one-ring circus – performed in a big top tent – that would be accessible and affordable for all. This performing arts organization set out to acquaint audiences with the joy and power of the classic, European-style circus. It was named after Flora, the orphaned baby African elephant Balding had rescued two years earlier when ivory poachers in Africa killed her mother.

Circus FloraCircus Flora made St. Louis its home in 1987 with the help of Vince Schoemehl, the mayor of St. Louis at that time, and Richard Gaddes, then president of Grand Center, St. Louis’ creative and cultural district. Since then, the Circus Arts Foundation of Missouri (CAFM) has been the parent non-profit organization under which Circus Flora operates.

Osetian Trick Rider This year, Flora will present its 22nd anniversary production “Sherwood Forest,” based on the legend of Robin Hood. Replete with jousts, mad adventures, and comedy, Robin Hood fights to bring justice to Sherwood Forest. The Circus Flora company becomes his merry band of outlaws, utilizing their skills to conduct daring raids against the tyrannies of the villain, the wicked Sheriff of Nottingham! They take from the rich and give to the poor, winning the hearts of the people, especially the lovely Maid Marian and her ladies-in-waiting.It is presented under the air-conditioned red and white big-top tent in St. Louis, where no audience member is further than 42 feet from the performance ring.

To find out more about Circus Flora’s activities, including their educational programs, please visit their website listed below:

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