Kathie Horejsi’s Blog: Clown Mommy

I’ve featured Kathie previously on the blog here But that was before she had a blog!

She’s got a relatively new blog Clownmommy.com It’s a personal account of her trying to do her work as a mom. So far I’ve read through most of it, and it definitely talks a lot about the struggles I have now (and I’m sure will have soon, as our baby is due to arrive in the next 4 weeks or so)

I didn’t know about her blog until my personal news alert for my unique last name let me know that somebody had posted it somewhere (Oh my God, The Clown Signal!) Kathie was talking about a conversation that we had about female clowning about 16 years ago. And sadly, her blog conks out in the middle of the story. I’d really like to find out what I said!

And if you’ve got a clown blog out there where you are talking about your work as a clown, please let me know– I don’t promise to post it, but I’ll give it a read at the very least!

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