August 2009 Clown & Comedy Course with Mick Barnfather (London)

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London workshop for August 2009 is
Clown and Comedy (3rd – 7th August)

Picture taken by Rebecca Hersh-Boyle

Clown and Comedy

This is a 5 day course.

In this workshop I will be looking at what it is that makes us laugh and how we can be funny. It is not about big shoes, make up and squirty flowers. I will concentrate mainly on the clown and the pleasure to be ridiculous in the space. The clown moves from one flop to the next always happy and optimistic to be playing before an audience. There are many confusions and disasters in a clown show but there are never any doubts. The clown is joyful, playful, mischievous and full of fantasy. I will also be looking at other catalysts for comedy during this workshop such as status games, parody and improvisation. Nothing in this workshop is related to a style but very much looking to find what is uniquely funny about each person and how they can make that accessible to an audience.

Workshops will aim to be energetic and very playful. Participants will be encouraged to have fun and pleasure and use this as a starting point. In my opinion when people have fun and play instinctively it is then that they start to play the fool, tell stories, joke and discover their creativity.

Although I do not provide accommodation I do sometimes hear of places to rent. I also know of a cheap hostel which was recommended by a former student. Please contact me if you would wish to do the workshop(s) and would like details.

Clown and Comedy – The Gallery, Edwards Lane, N16 (off Stoke Newington Church Street, behind the Library)
This is very close to where Albion Road meets Stoke Newington Church St.

By Bus 393 from Highbury and Islington Tube Station (15 minutes), and 73 and 476 from Angel (also 15 minutes)

Clown 10-5pm, Mondays to Fridays

Clown £180 (Concessions £150) (these prices are less than previous, on account of the recession)

Clown – £80
80% refundable up to two weeks before the workshop.
50% up to one week before the workshop.

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