Jango Edwards on his clown classes

“Clown Theory” is an event of the soul and mind. There is no previous experience required, in fact the less you know the more freedom you will find. The stage is the least important place for the clowns spirit…Life is the grand stage with the greatest risk but grandest reward. To be clown means you must do one most important thing. Know who you are. You don’t have to change but be honest to yourself and able to admit the truth to those who ask. This is the painful part but to have the right to reflect humanity one must see oneself first. In this class I’m not the teacher, I’m the doorman. I just open the doors…you have to walk through them. “Come on in!”–   Jango Edwards.

The art of the clown  is not just …a profession, but a lifestyle that demands an
understanding of emotion, sensitivity,passion, pathos and heart.

May 27th, 28th, 29th and 30th (CLOWN THEORY -1ST LEVEL)

June 24th, 25th, 26th and 27th (CLOWN THEORY -1ST LEVEL) NEW GROUP!

July 22th, 23th  24th and 25th (COMIC FORMULAS 2ND LEVEL) NEW GROUP!

From 5pm to 10pm
180 Euros each workshop
Contact to reserve place: Cristina  (cristigarbo@gmail.com)
Place:Asociación Freedonia C/Lleialtat, 6 Bajos. Metro Paralel (L-2 and L-3))

More info about Jango:  http://www.jangoedwards.net

More info about his institute:  http://www.clownfish.es/nci/gb/intro.htm

To see a video of Jango’s workshop (shot by Jim Moore) , see below: (or visit the website metacafe)

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