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Trav S.D's Inestimable Treatise on the art of the Vaudeville.

Another old-time friend and classmate (this one from the Trinity Rep Conservatory) is Travis Stewart, better known to the vaudeville adoring masses as Trav S. D, who among other things is the author of No Applause–Just Throw Money: The Book That Made Vaudeville Famous.  He’s also got a blog, which if you click his name it will take you to it.

Well, Travis has an inamorata, a girlfriend, a partner in crime, one Caviglia by name. (Her actual name is not Caviglia, but she uses that on her blog, so that’s what I’m sticking with.  It took me a while to suss out her actual name, and I’d like to give all of you who care that same cyber-stalking thrill.  And if you don’t care, well,  what are you complaining about?)  Suffice to say she’s an author, and an artist, and a playwright, and lots of other stuff.  And she’s a hottie.  And she has a blog too!

She’s not an old classsmate of mine, but she recently unearthed a drawing on her blog that could easily have been from an old clown class of mine about the philosophy of clowning.  The drawing/cartoon is from an old project she was working on, that never happened and she’s not exactly sure exactly what it was all about, but the drawing is really right on.  The full story is available directly on her blog by clicking here

By her permission, I’m re-posting a couple of closeups of the drawings here (all copyright to her), and would be happy to continue discussion of the clown concepts contained within (the clown lives in the present, in front of the stage) in the comments section below.

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