Clown Cabaret February 14 (Washington DC)

Clown Cabaret DCThe clown scene is starting to pick up in DC– there’s a monthly clown cabaret that has formed under the direction of Mathew Pauli Rich Potter, and Karen Beriss.

The second Monday of the month, people are encouraged to come and perform 10 minutes of clown work for audiences at 8 pm at The Shop at Fort Fringe – 607 New York Ave NW  Tickets are $10 each.  Acts are about 10 minutes long and vary widely from new stuff that people are working on to old stuff that people are airing out. They consider the evening PG-13, so don’t bring tiny kids (and really, at 8 pm at night, those kids should be asleep anyway.)

Fringe Button Discount available on selected clown merchandise.

More information (including bios, and how to get involved) at

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