The Adventures of Steve and Ryan

Kelly Miller Circus

The Kelly Miller Circus, currently owned by John Ringling North.

I’ve been reading a blog “The Adventures of Steve and Ryan” which is a blog  by Steve Copeland and Ryan Combs, the two clown partners that are on the Kelly Miller Circus.

Kelly Miller is an Oklahoma based circus that has been performing since 1938, and is currently owned by John Ringling North. They bill themselves as “America’s Finest One Ring Wonder.”

Ryan Combs and Steve CopelandAlthough it is The adventures of Steve and Ryan, I actually believe that Steve is the only author, as I don’t think I’ve seen Ryan post once.  I looked and did not find a companion blog “the Adventures of Ryan and Steve”)

The blog takes you through the mundane and wonderful adventures of traveling on a mud show.  Complete with lot set ups, straw houses, missing acts, one day stands, and the adventures of Dexter, Steve’s duck.

The circus is currently touring through Texas, and it really gives you a feeling for what it would be on a mudshow, traveling from town to town, but without actually having to live in a trailer and put up a tent every day.

I highly recommend following this blog!


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