Clownmein in India – teaching, shows, and parades

Gabriela Muñoz, Sabine Choucair & Farah Kassem, three international clowns (Mexico & Lebanon)  are currently in India working with children in five different communities throughout the northern part of the country.

Their  journey started of in Dhampur in the state of Uttar Pradesh, where they met with 60 children from Push Niketaan School and their teachers. They spent a week with them sharing clown possibilities and showing them how to play, and at the end of the week there was a parade around school where traditional music from the state was played and accompanied the new clowns.

ClownMein in indiaMoving on, they travelled further south to Ahmedabad in the state of Gujarat. At the Riverside school they are currently working with 125 kids to build a circus/clown show that will take place in some local theatres.  Numbers in the show/cabaret will include juggling, hula hooping, mime, acrobatics, clown routines, and traditional dances of the Punjab state.  They are also volunteering at Gandhi’s Ashram, and will engineer a clown parade with hundreds of children from that area.

After Ahmedabad, they will continue their journey in Chandigarth and Dehradun, giving clown workshops to street performers and teenagers living under vulnerable conditions.

For further information about the three clowns and their work, visit their websites/blogs, listed below.

ClownMein in india

One of the new clowns taught by the team of clowns

All photographs were supplied by Gabriela Munoz for clownlink,,





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