Clown Summit mp3’s on sale!

Clown Summit 2012

The Clown Summit this year focuses on clown educators.

If you’ve been following the Clown Summit like I have, you’ve been impressed with the substance and the breadth of the conversation.  Christopher Lueck has done a great job interviewing clown educators, and getting them to talk about what is behind their work.

The interviews have been available for free, but only for 24 hours at a time.  He then makes them available online to purchase via either mp3 or cd.

This weekend (today and tomorrow), he’s offering them at $10 for the mp3’s (normally $17) and $27 for the cd’s (normally $37)

If you want to keep these great interviews to listen to again and again, or if you missed the interviews, now’s your chance to listen to them.  They are well worth your time.
Click Here To Purchase (this is an affiliate link)

(and if you are viewing this site mobilely, and it makes sense, here’s the nifty QR Code for that)

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