Movement Theatre Studio- Lecoq Based Workshops

Pyramid of actorsMovement Theatre Studio is a NY based company that is dedicated to teaching LeCoq technique for the American Actor.  Their aim is to create a home for the teachings of Jacques Lecoq in New York.

MTS believes that there is no separation between the psychological and the physical actor. The most exciting performer is one who can engage their imagination fully while having a rigorously trained physical instrument through which these impulses can be dynamically expressed.

All full time faculty at MTS have trained at École International du Théàtre Jacques Lecoq, Paris.

They are currently offering 3 workshops/classes for FALL 2012 (listed below)
Classes range in price from $275-$395, and they are offering a 15% discount for those who register before September 14.
For more information, please visit their website:
To apply online, click this link:
Monday evenings, Oct 15th – Dec 3rdIn this eight-week class it’s your big chance to seek the source of your comic nature, connect to your playful spirit and discover your clown!
Virginia possesses an unparalleled understanding of my technique and is super smart, accomplished and knows how to get to the funny” – Christopher Bayes, Head of Physical Acting, Yale School of Drama

LE JEU (Play) NEW!
October 26th – 28th

To act is to play - the most charismatic actor is one who is having FUN!   Le Jeu is at the core of Lecoq’s pedagogy provoking the imagination and harnessing the actor’s inner-madness towards inspired, full and free-from-inhibition performance.
Geoff Sobelle is the award winning actor/creator of award winning all wear bowlers and the current national hit Elephant Room

November 9th – 11th

A 3-day intensive unveiling the power of the Neutral Mask in the search of theatrical presence and physical control.
“Adrienne Kapstein’s neutral mask work provided a practical, artistic investigation into this boundless topic” Daniel Stein, Head of Movement and Physical Theatre, Brown Univ./Trinity Rep.

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