3 Circuses in New York over the Holidays.

For the last few years, December has been a bit of a circus month in NY.  Shows from all around the globe come to the Big Apple to make the end of the year just a little bit  brighter.  This year is no exception  There are at least 3 circuses in town running concurrently over the next couple of weeks.  My plan is to see them all!


Big Apple Circus LuminocityBig Apple Circus is a NY holiday staple– they’ve been performing their End of year show at Lincoln Center for at least the last 10 years (and probably longer)  Like many of Big Apple’s shows, the latest show Luminocity combines old-fashioned circus with new-fashioned theatricks to create a fun evening under the tent (and don’t worry, it’s heated)  Expect to see some amazing virtuosity (including 15 year old juggler Ty Tojo who currently holds the world record in 7 ball back cross juggling and Daniel Cyr, inventor of the Cyr Wheel), some expert clowns (old friend Rob Torres reprising his brilliant work at Big Apple from a couple of years ago, and pickpocket clown Pierre Ginet, who brings stealing to a whole new level.), and some circus royalty (Jenny Vidbel, who’s animal acts are usually without parallel.  The show runs through January 12 at Lincoln Center, then goes on tour, and will be back in Queens in May.  More information and tickets:  http://www.bigapplecircus.org


Each year the New Victory has had circuses from around the globe at their historic theatre.  They’ve had Chinese circuses, South American circuses, and Australian circuses.   This year they bring  the U.S. premiere of Mother Africa, a production by Cirque Der Sinne  (Circus of the Senses) of Tanzania.  (I’ve also heard that Sinne could be translated as Joy) Rich in rhythm and robust in song, MOTHER AFRICA features stilt walkers from Tanzania, jugglers from Ethiopia,and a renowned contortionist from Kenya., who is billed as the most flexible man in the world. The show combines traditional African rhythms and dances with modern circus skills, creating an exuberant and colorful show that is part spectacle, part travelogue.  Shows run through January 5  More information and tickets  at http://www.newvictory.org

Cirque Eloize is a Canadian circus that was formed by Cirque du Soleil performers who wanted to take control of their own shows.  They have since become an artistic institution in themselves, and one of the top “art circuses” in the world.  In their latest show Cirkopolis, one man’s imagination transforms piles of papers, looming towers, and giant gears into a vibrant, romantic, and lavish cityscape. He is joined by twelve eclectic and mysterious characters rebelling against monotony in a wildly energetic show that twists and turns between acrobatic prowess, heartrending poetry, and irresistible humor.  The artistic director created the closing ceremonies for the 2006 Olympics.   The promo info says the show is for all ages, and I haven’t seen it yet, but I think it’s going to be heady and wonderful and maybe a little too sophisticated for really younger kids. I think 8 and over would probably be right for this show.   The show is running through January 5.  Tickets and more information available at the NYU Skirball website:  http://nyuskirball.org/calendar/cirkopolis

If I missed a circus or vaudeville oriented family event, please let me know in the comments!


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