REVIEW: Big Apple Circus Luminocity

Big Apple Circus LuminocityThe Big Apple Circus’s Luminocity is a fun evening at the circus.  It features some of Big Apple’s most beloved performers (although as advertised from a couple of years ago, Grandma has not come back.  At least not yet!) Many of the acts have appeared under the Big Apple Circus tent before– and all of them are really good. Clown Rob Torres is back, after a couple of years away.  Rob is the glue that holds the whole show together, and he does a great job of carrying us with him. Also, Jenny Vidbel provides the animals for the show again.  I especially loved her liberty horse act (and I’m not sure, but this is the first time I think I’ve seen a liberty horse act where the trainer appears in it on a horse!  That was really interesting and beautifully done.)

Ty Tojo, 15 year old juggling sensation

Ty Tojo, 15 year old juggling sensation

The first act of the show is WONDERFUL.  15 year old Juggling prodigy Ty Tojo makes a bunch of really difficult tricks look effortless.  His hand does move faster than the eye (as do the hands of pickpocket artist Pierre Ginet, who attempts to steal the show with his legerdemain.  )  And I don’t want to neglect to mention the singing tightrope act, which was a lot of fun and amazing to see. Like many BAC shows, this is a love letter to New York City.  (I think 75% of the shows they create have the same theme)  It’s pretty good this time (the lights of the city) but I am getting a little tired of Times Square.  I’d love Big Apple Circus to do a show about Central Park, or the Cloisters, or Harlem, or Queens.  Or the Bronx, even. A zoo themed show would be a lot of fun  (and yes, guys, I’m available to direct it!) Overall, you don’t want to miss this show!  It’s lots of fun for the whole family! The show runs through January 12 at Lincoln Center, then goes on tour, and will be back in Queens in May.  More information and tickets:

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