Clown workshop from Josh Mathews at Neo-Futurists May 7 (Chicago)

I received this notice of a class taking place at the Neo-Futurists, and while I can’t take part (stupid family life!) it sounds good.  The teacher (Josh Mathews) is a graduate of Dell’Arte and works with a great ensemble Under The Table (which was founded by Matt Chapman, also of Dell’arte, and featured in the previous link)

The description is from the website:

You Is A Stupid, And It Is Hard Work! Good!

You Is Stupid - Clown WorkshopSATURDAY, MAY 7
12 – 4PM

Price: $65 



Enter the realm of theatrical clown in this one-day exploratory workshop! With a playful focus on stupdidity (‘scuse us, stupidityty) we will act as scientists of joy through an investigation of play and comic rhythms. We will uncover ridiculous points of view through the lens of what is obvious, simple, funny, authentic, and most importantly, stupid.

As a point of entry into this work we will focus on discovering organic problems, physical improvisation, and revealing the delight in our mistakes. We’ll use group games and exercises with objects as well as some solo work.
This work is highly physical so be prepared to move.

Great for actors/clowns/interested parties.


Search the world over, you will find no bigger idiot than Josh Matthews.  A graduate of the Dell’ Arte International School of Physical Theater, he is a thoroughly trained twit.  His idiotic reputation landed him at Lincoln Center as the lead clown for Big Apple Circus’s national tour, before bemusing audiences as the Mad Hatter in Then She Fell (New York Times top 10 pick of 2012).

Josh Mathews as a Baby

Josh Mathews As a cigarette smoking cupid

Josh has been a teaching artist at the New Victory Theater, Cirque du Monde,  New York Film Academy, NYU Tisch School of the Arts as well as a guest artist at a number of dumb schools nationally and internationally.

While it’s true most people won’t suffer a fool, Josh uses foolishness to help people’s suffering.  As a Clown Doctor, he has held residencies at hospitals throughout the U.S.

As an artistic director for Under The Table Theater Ensemble (a company dedicated to making original, hilarious and thoughtful physical theater) he co-created 6 productions including:  The Only Friends We Have, Brave Same World and The Hunchbacks Of Notre Dame.

Currently Josh is directing Mike Mother for The Neo-Futurists bringing his brand of theater to this esteemed Chicago stage.

BUT- don’t let that fool you into thinking Josh is smart. He is a big dumb in the best way.

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