Funny Friday: Peter Pitofsky and Frank Olivier– Together Again! (Separately)

It’s Funny Friday this week! Two great performers (and alumni of Ringling Brothers Barnum & Bailey Clown College) will be performing this Friday night via Zoom together. This is a don’t miss comedy show!

Frank Olivier

Frank Olivier

Frank Olivier ( is a San Francisco based juggling phenom.  He has been performing for over 30 years on the street and at corporate events doing a great combination of circus stunts, unicycling, juggling, magic, oddball prop comedy, and fast paced improv.  Frank is the master of the one-liner, and manages to make people laugh and think at the same time.

Frank’s been doing a series called Funny Friday every other week  (Click this link to get on the list: )


Peter Pitofsky

Peter Pitofsky

This Friday at 7PM Pacific Funny Friday will feature Peter Pitofsky (Peter’s Clownlink Profile)- a rubber faced comedic genius of unmatched creative exuberance.   Peter has performed all over the world, on television, film, and just about anywhere else that people will watch a guy hit his head on things, fall over chairs, and do crazy physical comedy.  He is jaw-droppingly hilarious, and is generally considered by a lot of circus clowns to be one of the funniest people they know (me included)

Funny Friday with Peter and Frank.  Together Again (Separately!)

You can also watch Peter as part of a crazy fun sounding holiday show that Frank is putting on– Nutcracker in Wonderland, which will also be available virtually, although some of the elements will be live- which is a mashup of the Nutcracker and Alice in Wonderland that features circus.  Peter is one of the guests, as is film actor Malcolm McDowell, and a number of other fantastic performers.  (I’ll have more about that later in the month)

Don’t miss the opportunity to see Peter and Frank improvising together (but separately– it will be on Zoom!)

Click here to get an invite:

And here’s a video I took in 2017 of Peter doing a 108 during a clown college reunion (at age 59)  He can still do it!

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