NY Clown Festival Official Bloggers

This page contains an RSS Feed for the official bloggers of the 2010 New York Clown Theatre Festival at the Brick Theater in Brooklyn.
The official bloggers:

Adam Gertsacov (hey, that’s me!):  http://nyclowntheaterfestivaladam.blogspot.com/ (and clownlink.com)

Alex Kipp: www.nyclowntheaterfestivalalex.blogspot.com

Jim Moore: vaudevisuals.com

Stanley Allan Sherman: www.nyclowntheaterfestivalstanley.blogspot.com

Nina Levine: www.nyclowntheaterfestivalninalevine.blogspot.com

Lilli Sukula-Lindblom: www.nyclowntheatrefestivallilli.blogspot.com

The feed is captured using a Yahoo pipe, so it is possible that some posts may be unrelated.

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