International Mime Awareness Day

Article on a Boulder television station website about International Mime day… and Zoobie, the only mime who showed up.


Mime breaks silence over dying art form

BOULDER – The artist known as “Zoobie” found himself in a conundrum along Pearl Street Mall during the Wednesday lunch hour. How do you celebrate Mime Awareness Day when he was the only mime in attendance?

“I thought there’d be several, about 20, 30, or 40, but no, there are no mimes,” said “Zoobie,” who said he communicated with dozens of mimes in Colorado over the Internet and through the Boulder Camera about the event.

“We’re having trouble getting the word out about mimes,” he said.

The art form dates back thousands of years, with theatre-goers for generations watching the expression of thoughts and emotions performed without words and through physical gestures. Supporters fear in the noisy world we live in, this silent art form is dying.

“The mime projects that which we hide… and most of us hide a lot of things,” said Samuel Avital, who runs Le Centre du Silence, a school that has taught mime since 1971. “It’s very essential in human communication.”



Le Centre Du Silence Mime School

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