Space Tengu Costume Contest

A friend of mine is running this contest– and thought this might be of interest.

A Tengu is kind of like a garden gnome, but it’s long-nosed, birdlike, red, and a protective demon in Japanese mythology. In the upcoming production that this contest is for, the tengu are also very clown-like. Visit the wikipedia entry for more information.

My friend is looking for space tengu ideas, especially non-Japanese ones.

Good luck!


Osugi Musical Theatre of Komatsu, Japan, is holding a space tengu
costume design contest! The extended deadline is for June 8

I encourage those of you who thought about it but then forgot to do a
sketch and send it on in! We have abundant local entries, but are
hoping for more entries from overseas than what we have received so

All details (including what in the world – or space – is a tengu?!)
are at, then follow the link to the design contest.

Top prizes (3) are about $170 each, but the main thing for us is to get a wide variety of entries, both in style and geographically speaking!

So, if you or anyone you know might like to sketch a space tengu and
send it to us as a jpeg file, fire away!

Thanks – Gart T. Westerhout
Director, Osugi Musical Theatre
direct inquiries to

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