Lisa Lou (Lisa Lewis)

Lisa Lou (aka Lisa Lewis) is a graduate of the Ringling Bros. Barnum and Bailey Clown College, Brandeis University and has an MA in Clown/Circus history from NYU.

Lisa Lou is a versatile performer, incorporating clowning, magic, circus skills, and science into her shows. She has a number of different performances as either a solo performer or with her husband John Lepiarz (Mr. Fish), Her performances range from educational (Crazy Chemistry, the Magic of Chemistry, and the Anti-Gravity Show) to entertaining (Lisa Lou’s One Woman Circus, Comic Daredevils, and the Circus Sisters with performer Liz Bolick.

Lisa has performed at a number of diverse venues, including King Richard’s Faire, The Michigan State Fair, Rodeo Houston, Lincoln Center Out-of-Doors, the NY Buskers Fair and Nagasaki Holland Village. She also works part time for the Big Apple Circus Clown Care Unit and has performed at a long list of schools and corporate events.

To find out more about her work, visit Lisa’s website at the site listed below:

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