BROOKLYN Fun-Raiser Party- June 17

On Sunday, June 17, there will be a “Fun-Raiser” party to benefit and support this summer’s expeditions, which will be bringing joy and laughter to kids affected by hurricane Katrina.

The party will go from 4-7 pm at the Brooklyn Lyceum ( 227 4th Ave, Brooklyn) It’s a former swimming pool that has been turned into a theatre.
See a map.

There will be a $10 entrance fee.

4pm – 5pm – Clown Performances –
Selena McMahan, Alice Nelson, Kali Quinn, Deven Sisler, Mindy Ferraraccio, Wendy Kinal

5pm – 6pm – clown games for prizes/awards

  • 3 legged race, pin the nose on the clown, tripping competition, clown wrestling.
  • – Q and A about the current situation on the Gulf Coast, and the work of Clowns Without Borders
  • – short video of clowns working in the field.
  • – photo and wine auction

6pm – 7pm – DANCE PARTY!!

  • -Zydeco and live music by the Rude Mechanical Orchestra
  • – cookies and lemonade
  • – you are encouraged to wear a silly hat
  • – and to bring fathers, as this is likely the funnest party father’s day party around

Clowns Without Borders is an international non-profit (founded in Spain in 1993) offering relief through joy and laughter to children in areas of crisis around the world – we work in war zones, and places suffering from natural disasters, disease epidemics, and extreme poverty.
CWB-USA usually works abroad but in response to the immense crisis surrounding hurricane Katrina we have sent and continue to send a number of expeditions to perform and teach workshops to survivors of the hurricanes.
All of the funds from the benefit will go directly to the July CWB Katrina expedition.

Clowns Without Borders:
Kids in New Orleans:
Rude Mechanical Orchestra:

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