Clownzilla is a clown troupe based at U.C. Irvine under the direction of acting teacher and director Eli Simon.

Clownzilla is dedicated to using improvisation and collaboration to create silent clown shows that are funny and provocative. All of the clowns are white-faced with red noses, black makeup lines, and simple black costumes.

Acts in each show are varied and include dance, magic, puppetry, and vibrant music. The shows are silent– the troupe uses placards and projections to advance the plot. Many times the show will include guest clowns and performers whenever possible.

The goals and mission of Clownzilla are lofty. As per the website:


To create important, hilarious, entertaining clown shows through improvisation and collaboration within our troupe and other artists. To share these works and our process with the world and spread laughter whereever we go. To use clowning as a means of reflecting important issues of our times. Each work of clowning is dedicated to spreading laughter throughout the world. We fervently believe in the power of clowning as a means of delving into the heart of human emotion, interaction, desires, and dreams. We strive to open windows of understanding and compassion through sheer fun.

To find out more about Clownzilla and the work of the performers in it, please visit their website listed below:

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