Les Chiche Capon

This French cabaret was a big hit at last year’s festival, and with good reason. It’s got a number of things going for it, but most of all, the acting and the relationships between the characters are what make this a remarkably fun evening at the theatre.

You are greeted by two clownish characters wearing mini-skirts and wigs (although Phillipe has his own hair, but in pigtails) A long-haired hippyish-gypsyish musician (Ricardo) is playing songs as you enter.

After a while, to start the show, an IMPOSSIBLY TALL French clown comes out and starts the show. From there the insults and slights, both real and imagined on both the audience and the other performers start to flow, and that’s when the great clowning begins. It’s hard to describe all of the show, because it flows effortlessly one thing after another– suffice to say, by the end, you’ve seen some very funny character work from everybody on the stage.

I’m not quite sure who is who in this faux cabaret, but all of them are great and play their roles to perfection. I especially love Phillipe, who is in motion constantly, dancing off the walls, and at the end of the show, becoming the Human Otter that comes into the audience. The “leader” ringmaster (to the left, the one in the neck brace) is perfectly snide, and is a true prima donna.)

The musical gags are hilarious, and the gags of character status, and insult intentional and not-intentional are also very very funny. The show was about an hour and a quarter, and really my only criticism is that perhaps the show could have been about 15 minutes shorter. There were a few gags that felt like they repeated themselves in, and in an act of ” how you say, tossing ze baby into ze drain wizzout ze paddle, oui?” they could have jettisoned the show and left us dying for more instead of just wanting more and different.

Nevertheless this is a tiny quibble on a wonderful show.

I’d highly recommend seeing them if you have the opportunity– if not in NY, then at any other festival in the world that they are going to be at– But be warned, you should be prepared to purchase your tickets early!

Two shows remain at the Festival:
Tuesday 10/16 at 10pm
Wednesday 10/17 at 7 pm ***FINAL SHOW PERFORMED IN FRENCH

To find out more about their work, visit www.leschichecapon.com

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