Peter Pitofsky

Peter Pitofsky is a Clown College graduate who is currently plying his brand of amazing physical and facial comedy to the college and comedy circuits. He lives in the Los Angeles area, and he’s been in a few movies and television shows, as well as a number of live shows, including Teatro Zinzanni, Penn & Teller’s Sin City Spectacular, and the movie The Aristocrats.

After seeing the video below, you’ll be wondering why he’s not in just about everything you see.

Among Ringling graduates and road clowns, Peter is legendary for his 108’s, for his always being on, and for being one of the funniest guys on or off the show.

Here’s a YouTube video that shows him at some of his funniest:
(a special tip of the hat to Pat Cashin’s for alerting me to this video)

To find out more about Peter’s work, visit his myspace page listed below:


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