Kenny & Brenda Ahern

Kenny Ahern is a clown and performer based in LaCrosse, Wisconsin. A graduate of Ringling Clown College, Kenny has also studied with Bill Irwin, Chris Bayes, and Pavel Groditsky of the Soviet School for Circus and Variety Arts.

Kenny has been performing for nearly 25 years. He does a number of shows aimed at the corporate, educational, and family markets. He has two shows aimed at school age audiences “Through the Eyes of a Fool” and “School Matters.”

His theatre show “A Slippery Universe” is designed for proscenium stages. Kenny also has his own Variety stage that he brings to fairs and festivals.

His corporate work features original shows created specifically for a company, as well as a show titled “A Day In The Life” which features parodies of the life of an office worker.

Kenny has also taught clowning at a number of places, including schools, clown camps, and Ringling Clown College.

Kenny’s wife Brenda is also a graduate of Ringling Clown College. Currently an elementary school teacher, she also presents shows to libraries and schools throughout the Wisconsin area.

To find out more about Kenny and Brenda’s work, please visit his website listed below:

They were also featured in a recent article in the Watertown Daily Times.
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