Festival Preview: Orianne Bernard

Orianne Bernard is a French actress, clown, writer, and director. She studied with Jacques LeCoq in Paris and at the Ecole Internationale de Kiklos . Since then, she has studied with a number of people, including Giovanni Fusetti, who has directed her latest work.

Orianne has also done quite a bit of work as a hospital clown, both for sick children and also for adults who are dealing with Alzheimer’s and other ailments. Oriane has also taught clowning in France and Europe.

Since 2002, she has been creating stories and shows around her clown Mmlle Oberniche

The NY Clown Theatre Festival is the first stop on an international tour.

To find out more about her work, visit the website listed below (in French)

C’est La Nuit Qu’il Faut Attraper La Lumiere
(It is The Night That Should Catch the Light)

(performed in English)
A Depressive Comedy with Miss Oberniche

Strasbourg, France, Companie Accès-Soir
Director: Giovanni Fusetti,
Performer: Orianne Bernard

Miss Oberniche invites you into her home to show you her universe, her habits, her friends and above all, her charming prince. She is usually funny, but not always. Sometimes she is on the edge of tears. In her home, you will also meet Santa Claus and her boss, God.
So, world, hold her tight and make her dance a waltz. Then take her for an extra turn: a turn of laughter, a turn of love, a turn of life!
Is anybody looking when no one is there?
70 minutes

Sun 9/7 at 5pm
Fri 9/12 at 10:30pm
Sun 914 at 5:30pm
Thurs 9/18 at 8:30pm

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