Circus Oz

Circus Oz is an Australian circus that tours internationally. Begun in Melbourne, Australia in 1978, The company’s rock and roll style animal free circus with a live band has toured from New York to Hong Kong.

The Circus Oz show is characterized by a multi-talented ensemble. It’s not unusual to see the drummers get up and do an acrobatic adagio and then sit back down and drum. One show I saw a number of years ago, the entire band and their instruments were flown upside down while playing.

Another typical act is an upside down wire act, in which one of the performers performs a tightwire style act, but upside down.

During February, they will be touring to Berkeley CA and Austin Texas in the US, before heading back to Australia in March.

Berkeley, CA, USA 5th February 2009 – 8th February 2009
Austin, TX, USA 13th February 2009 – 14th February 2009
Auckland, NZ 5th March 2009 – 15th March 2009
Nelson, NZ 19th March 2009 – 22nd March 2009

To find out more about Circus Oz, please visit their website listed below.

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