Scott & Muriel (and sometimes Joe)

Scott Nelson & Muriel Brugman are award-winning illusionists and visual comedians. Based in the Netherlands, they have traveled to over 14 countries, won the Grand Prix at the 2000 World Championship of Magic in Lisbon, have worked with Cirque du Soleil (on their television show Solstrom) and create their own illusions.

Last year they were a big hit at the Monte Carlo International Circus Festival (double prize winners!)

On occasion Scott & Muriel work with former Ringling clown/Dellarte graduate Joe Dieffenbacher in a three person show called (aptly) Scott & Muriel’s Big Show (with Joe). It also features four musicians, and a lot of physical and visual comedy.

Other shows are called Grand Delusions and Two By Two.

To find out more about their work, visit their website listed below:

You can also watch this video below of them at work at the 2008 Monte Carlo festival.


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