Fettucini Brothers in China… and Blogging!

In the next couple of weeks (Sept 28-Oct. 9), the Fettucini Brothers (Mike Heidtman & Steve Langley, otherwise known as Alfresco and Alfredo) will be going to Hangzhou China to participate in the Golden Week Events there.

The Hangzhouians are crazy for American clowns, and over the last couple of years there have been lots of festivals there chockful of American clowns.

There are lots of performers going. Here’s a list of them (per their blog)

Stage Performers

Seth Bloom

Christina Gelsone

Matthew Duncan

Brian Foley

Mike Richter

Keith “Bindlestiff” Nelson

Andrew Scharff

Bryan Fulton

Mike Smith

Mark Lohr

Steve Langley

Mike Heidtman

Ron Hoffman

Julie Pasqual

Josh Eldeman

Anatoly Valiev

Nadezda Andreeva

Balloon Artists

Micha de Haan

Christopher Charlot

Suzanne Harring

Todd Nuefield

Strollers/Street Performers

Lara Heidtman Smith

Brad Bodary

Michael Sabb

Irene Fong

Cheryl Schrueffer

Mitchell Yosheda

Raquel “Rocky” Giberstein

Chelsea Conklin

Aaron Watkins

Chris Shelton

Margaret Carr

Alice Farley

Rachel Ann Whitman

Sharon Livardo Du Maine

Martin Ewen

Reuben Haller

Ted Lawerence

Charalambos “Harry” Mavromichalis

Paul Michalec

Face Painters

Liz Bolick

Derrick Little

Patricia Russell

Mike & Steve will be blogging about their experiences and posting lots of photographs at the blog listed below.

Make sure to check in and follow their adventures– I’m sure it will be a lot of fun.

Blog: http://web.mac.com/fettucinibrothers/iWeb/China%20II/Blog/Blog.html
Fettucini Brothers Website: http://www.fettucinibrothers.com/

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