Report from Polo Circo

I was just on a family vacation in Argentina, and noted with dismay that a circus festival started the week after I left.  WEBSITE:

When I was unmarried and child-less, I might have stayed for the week and changed my ticket, but my responsibilities as a husband and father made that impossible.  Fortunately, my brother lives in Buenos Aires, and agreed to go to a performance and report back.

There are many shows going on– my brother caught one.

Review/notes by’s South American correspondent

“Los 2 play”, from spain

Photograph of "Los 2 play", from spain at Circo Polo Festival. Photo by D. Gertsacov

1530 performance, may 1, approx 400 attendees, tickets were 35 pesos (us8

2 guys, 2 girls, acrobats w 1 of the females as a clown character, messing up the routine, spilling the chalk, fumbling and bumbling

Pretty good acrobats, clown routines were also funny – kids in the audience definitely responded well, as well as adults.  They were there to be entertained and were.
Short set, 45 min total w 2 curtain calls – entertaining for general audience but nothing spectacular.

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