NY Clown Theatre Festival 2010: JASP & MORROW DO PUBERTY


This was a fantastic show.  These two Canadian clowns have a well-thought out, well-oiled show that takes on the rather sensitive topic of menstruation.  From the toilet/throne that is the main set piece for the show, to the Leo DiCaprio poster on the wall, this show hits a number of just the right tones to keep the audience laughing as the clowns keep the stakes very high.

Jasp and Morro are sisters- Morro is a lanky tomboy who likes playing soccer baseball,  Jasp slightly older, dreams of settling down with Leo DiCaprio, but still plays with dolls.  Morro gets her period, which offends Jasp, as she is older, she should have gotten it first (and in her fantasy,  her period will suddenly allow all of the cool kids in school to see her fantastic qualities, and they would all fall in love with her, which is displayed quite humorously using various Barbie-like dolls.)

I don’t want to give up all the gags, but they pull somebody from the audience and give them a fantastic makeover (and it wasn’t me, and the person wasn’t sitting in the front row!)   Heather and Amy (Morro and Jasp, respectively) do a great job playing off one another and off the audience, and their play (in both the improvisational aspect and the written aspect) seems very very natural.

Looking at their website, it seems they’ve done a number of shows together as a duo, and it really shows.  This was a fully realized and written piece of clown theatre that allowed the clowns opportunity to play but at the same time had lots of theatrical elements including a quite complicated plot.

The show is over in NY, but check them out the next time they are in your area.  Definitely worth it.



UNIT Productions

Toronto, Canada


Morro and Jasp do Puberty explores the world of clown sisters Morro and Jasp racing head first into their bloodiest challenge yet.  Jasp can’t wait for puberty and fantasizes about boys and brand new bodily functions, while Morro awkwardly attempts to hide from the inevitable changes overtaking her.  A hit at the Toronto Fringe Festival, earning double-five-star reviews and a “Best of the Fest” award, Morro and Jasp do Puberty follows the bumpy road to adulthood through a hilarious look back at the best period of your life.  60 min.

Saturday, September 4th @ 7pm
Sunday, September 5th @ 7pm
Thursday, September 9th @ 8:30pm
Friday, September 10th @ 9pm
Sunday, September 12th @ 9pm

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