29th Annual ClownFest, Seaside NJ (Sept 16-19)

NJ ClownfestWhile I’m busy blogging for the Clown Festival at the Brick Theatre, the 29th annual ClownFest is just getting ready to occur in lovely Seaside, NJ. 

Clownfest bills itself as “America’s Grandest Clown Celebration”  I can’t really say if that’s true or not (I am not there- how could it be?  :O) )  They definitely have a lot of stuff going on clownwise.  Lots of classes and speakers, a vendor booth, a parade, and a few other things.

It seems geared more towards people new to clowning, or people who are clowns as a hobby.   A lot of the classes seem to have to do with your appearance– costume, makeup, etc.  It’s a project of the National Clown Arts Project, which is a non-profit that has as its mission statement the following:

The National Clowns Arts Project, Inc. is committed to representing the “clown arts” at the highest level.
We will provide clowns from around the world a platform of learning   and  sharing of their own which will be connected to the community through performances, education and an integrated arts program

If you are looking for something to do this weekend, and you don’t want to catch any clown shows in Brooklyn, perhaps hieing yourself over to the ClownFest will be a good idea for a different change of pace.

If you do, and you want to write up a first-hand report, I’d be happy to publish it here on the blog…

MORE INFO ON CLOWNFEST: http://www.clownfest.com

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