I Love Lucy: The Complete Series– on sale today! (Amazon)

I Love Lucy Complete DVD Collection

I Love Lucy: The Complete Series

This set features the whole McGillicuddy–34 discs of non-stop redhead hilarity.  It’s retail priced at $235.98.  Today at Amazon it’s $84.99.  Click the link above or the image to the left to purchase.  Hurry, it goes off sale tomorrow! CLICK HERE TO BUY. (Amazon affiliate link)

This set includes all 180 episodes plus the pilot episode to make it 181 episodes from the show I Love Lucy plus the 13 episodes from The Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour series for seasons 7, 8, and 9, making it a total of 194 episodes. All of the discs are exactly the same as the individual season boxed sets, but there is a bonus DVD included.

This disc includes:
“Lucy Goes to Scotland”-In Color
I Love Lucy: The Movie”
Lucy and Desi’s First Joint TV Appearance
“I Love Lucy” At the Sixth Annual Emmy Awards
On-Set Commercial From the Series Premiere

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