Charlie in the Heartland– Chaplin Conference Oct 28-30 (Zanesville, OH)

Charlie In the Heartland

Charlie Chaplin conference Oct 28-30, Zanesville, OH

It seems like I’m always finding about out stuff late in the game.  I only heard about this conference by accident (a friend on Facebook is going to another conference in Ohio, and several other friends said “oh, are you going to Charlie in the Heartland?”)  And that’s how I found out about it.

Animated Charlie Chaplin GifBased on my schedule, it’s doubtful I could have gone, but it sounds like a great conference.

The conference will feature lots of academic information about Chaplin, a Chaplin lookalike contest, and lots of screening and discussion of the foremost physical comedian the world has ever known.

It seems like registration is now closed– their website suggests giving the following person a call.  Who knows, maybe you can wangle your way in. Lisa Stein at [email protected] 740-588-1535.

Visit their official website for more information.

See their schedule here as a PDF:  Chapin Conference Schedule

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