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Rdcd Shkspr SprtsThe Reduced Shakespeare Company is bringing their zany brand of comedy and reduction to the New Victory Theatre now through November 6.  This team of 3 have taken on a number of other subjects in the past, starting with Shakespeare and moving on to the Bible, American History, World History, and  a bunch of other long and serious subjects.  Their m.o. is to take subjects that are long, dark, and serious, and make them short, sharp, and funny.  They’ve created seven stage shows, two television specials, several failed TV pilots, and numerous radio pieces – all of which have been performed, seen, and heard around the world since 1981.

They have a couple of troupes performing in various shows around the world, but this show has two of the main instigators:  Reed Martin and Austin Tichenaur.  Reed is  a graduate of Ringling Clown College, and Austin has spent a lot of time directing and writing youth theatre.
The show covers over 3000 sports (and by cover, I mean mention) and incorporates juggling, slapstick comedy, and almost invariably a guy dressed up as a girl.  Ie, all the good stuff.

As the video below says, “If you love sports, you’ll really like this show.  And if you could care less about Sports, you’ll LOVE the show!”

Find out more about  the Reduced Shakespeare Company on their website:


Find out more about the New Victory at their website:




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