Go Inspired: 2 Commedia Dell’Arte Workshops (NYC & Florence)

Go Inspired is listing two Commedia Dell’arte workshops in December and June.

New York City: Dec. 26-28, 2012 with Stanley Allen Sherman ($295 includes workshop only)

You can find out more about this at Stanley’s website:  http://www.commediau.com/

  •  Participants learn the physical style of Commedia dell’Arte as we believe it was “then” and how it may be used “now” as a creative tool for actors, performers, directors and teachers.
  • The goal of the workshop is for our participants to simultaneously experience the momentum, effort, historical, physical, joyful and risky style of the Commedia dell’ Arte.
  • Students develop their personal historical Commedia dell’Arte characters and style with their individual qualities. Students will easily see how this work from the 1500′s still vibrantly relates today.

Florence, Italy: June 3-21, 2013 with Roberto Andrioli and Marco Bendoni (1950 € euros: includes housing in an apartment and workshop)

  • The course is geared toward understanding the theatrical experience as a fun and useful tool for developing your own creativity and expressiveness as well as expanding your artistic experience in relation to a group.
  • This course will help to develop the exchange of physical energy and creativity amongst the students in the group.
  • Geared toward understanding the historic ” Commedia dell Arte”, which was developed in Italy, this course will focus on dances from the Renaissance period with a public performance at the end of the course.
  • In this three-week workshop, participants will enhance their physical expression and learn the techniques of storytelling, improvisation as well as scene study analyzing the major authors within the tradition of Commedia dell’Arte.
For more information, please check out the Go Inspired website http://www.goinspired.com/commedia-dell-arte/ or contact them at  (203) 300-2074 or margo@goinspired.com

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