Clown Conservatory presents Ninja Clown (Nov 15-18, San Francisco, CA)

Ninja Clown at the Clown Conservatory in San Francisco Nov 15-18‘Ninja Clown‘ is a PG-12 show presented by students from the Clown Conservatory at Circus Center in San Francisco.

The production is a culmination of 7 weeks of intensive training under the leadership of Joe Dieffenbacher.  Joe is the  director of the Clown Conservatory, taking over from Jeff Raz. I met both of these guys at Dell’arte (when I met Joe he was a former student and the janitor at Dell’arte, working on his own material after hours.) He soon became the  clown teacher there, and is the founder of one of the top street theatre clown shows Los Payasos Mendigos (The Beggar Clowns) He also performed in this past year’s Olympic Ceremony in London, and has done a number of other projects as well (including a mask company Nakupelle with his wife (and former classmate of mine) Minna Hollapainen

For more information, about the Clown Conservatory performance, visit the website

WHEN:  November 15-18 at 8 pm

TICKETS:  FREE (call 415-759-8123 to reserve)

LOCATION: Circus Center 755 Frederick St SF CA 94117

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