Germans & Popular Culture in the 19nth Century (Talk 1/26/13 NYC)

Trav S.D-- photo by Jim MooreIf you have any interest in German immigration or American popular culture (or the intersection of the two) then you should probably check out the inimitable Trav S.D.’s talk on the same (a presentation to the 19nth Century Historical Society in NY.)

Trav is a longtime friend, and is the best kind of scholar of popular culture- he’s an entertaining one!  Whether he’s waxing poetic about the rise of the beer garden, the Steinway piano company, German immigrant vaudeville routines,  the multitude of German singing societies, or the rise of the Turners societies and the establishment of kindergartens, Trav will be sure to entertain, educate, and amaze you.


And since this presentation is free, I suggest you jump on that like sauerkraut on a shnitzel.

Travis is also getting ready to release his new book.  His previous book:  NO APPLAUSE, JUST THROW MONEY, THE BOOK THAT MADE VAUDEVILLE FAMOUS  is an amazing history of vaudeville.  His next book Chain of Fools: Silent Comedy and Its Legacies from Nickelodeons to Youtube, will be released next month by Bear Manor Media.

When: Saturday, January 26th, 1pm

Where: Greater Astoria Historical Society, Quinn Building, 35-20 Broadway, 4th Floor Long Island City, NY

 How Much: Free!

 Contact:    718-278-0700

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