Erth’s Dinosaur Zoo at the New Victory (NY)- Don’t Miss it!

You don’t want to miss Erth’s Dinosaur Zoo, at the New Victory theatre through January 27.

A Dinosaur from Erth running amok in Galway.
Times Square is next!

We saw this last week, and it was really great.  Fantastic puppetry and a vaudeville style m.c. keeps the show moving and the audience laughing.

The show is set in the Australian outback where a rugged ranger and trusty dino keepers introduce the audience to a menagerie of Mesozoic monsters from around the world. Featuring original, large-scale creations manually operated by supremely skilled puppeteers, every frightful fiend and  huggable hatchling responds instantly to the audience for an intimate and authentic encounter.

The show is wonderful, with giant dinosaurs that roar and scream.  The narrator and m.c. of the show has lots of good jokes, and is very skilled at keeping things along, picking audience members, and keeping them engaged.  If I were doing a dino show, this is the show I would like to have come up with!

During part of the show, kids come up on stage to interact with the dinosaurs.  The dinos are pretty lifelike, and the sound system keeps their roars loud and in charge. Several kids who were volunteers were pretty worried, and that of course pleased the audience immensely. (The fact that the puppet is 20 feet long, and swings a very large and lifelike tail doesn’t hurt)  And one of the dinos is so large that we only see his neck and head!
PLEASE NOTE: The New Victory Theatre  STRONGLY advise that you follow the age recommendation. Kids under the  age of 6 may be frightened of the very lifelike dinosaurs! 
My son, who is 4, loved the show, and was semi-convinced.  He loved watching the show, but in the petting zoo part afterwards, was not very interested in petting the T.Rex.  hmmmm…..

The show runs 50 minutes with no intermission, and is recommended for everyone ages 6 and older.
There will be 14 performances from January 18-January 27, as follows:

Friday 1/18 7pm
Saturday 1/19 11am, 3pm and 7pm
Sunday 1/20 11am and 3pm
Monday 1/21 11am and 3pm
Friday 1/25 7pm
Saturday 1/26 11am, 3pm and 7pm
Sunday 1/27 11am and 3pm

Tickets range from $9 to $38, depending on seating and membership status (membership to the New Victory is free if you buy tickets to 3 or more different shows!)

To find out more and to purchase tickets:

Find out more about ERTH and their productions:


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