Royal Hanneford Circus in Westchester, this weekend!

We got to see the Royal Hanneford Circus today at the Westchester County Center.  We saw it last year, and while the show was pretty good, the clowns were awful.

So I was really glad to see that this year, Grandma (Barry Lubin) was the special guest clown.  Barry, in case you didn’t know, was the heart and soul of the Big Apple Circus for a number of years, before “retiring” to Sweden, where he continues to work cruise ships, European circuses, and  other fun gigs.

I wasn’t sure if it would be Barry himself working the gig (he has several Grandmas that can perform his character, including Mark Gindick ), but apparently he’s in town, and it was either him or the replica was absolutely superb.  He reprised a number of acts from the Big Apple shows, including a pretty funny exercise machine routine, and a very funny water spitting routine with an audience volunteer.

The rest of the show was very very good. A trained bear act, a tiger act, a wheel of death, two motorcycles on tightwires, elephants, juggling, a male contortionist, a strongman act from Vegas, and a funny dog act.  No horses, no trapeze.

If you get the chance, make sure to see the show this weekend.  You’ll be glad you did!  It runs through the 18nth, 3 shows a day.

Grandma Joins hannefordTickets are available at the Westchester County Center Box Office (NO SERVICE FEES APPLY), through Ticketmaster @, or call 1-800-745-3000 (SERVICE FEES APPLY). The County Center Box Office is open Monday – Friday 9am-5pm & Saturday 9am-4pm.

I’ve attached two videos that I took of the show via VINE.


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