A Fool’s Idea: Web television series and kickstarter

“A FOOL’S IDEA” is a conversational documentary web-series about comedy, performance, life & clown.

The Cast Of Season One From A Fool's Idea

The Cast of Season One from A Fool’s Idea

Each episode (with the exception of a few specials) is focused around one thesis question. Once asked, each artist responds with his or her educated perspective on the matter. Each person has a very different perspective, and the goal is not necessarily to answer the question with a definitive answer, but to start a dialogue and a community that continues asking and answering the questions long after the show is over.

The first season was 8 episodes long and featured a number of well known NY Clowns and people who have worked on the NY Scene, including  Butt Kapinski, Chris Lueck, Eric Davis, Gabriela Muñoz, Jango Edwards, Jef Johnson,  John Towsen, , Michael Bongar, and Zero Boy.

The second season (which is currently in production now) has an equally impressive cast, although the clowns being asked are more international in flavor.

The whole series is the brainchild of Brian Bernhard,  an illustrator, animator, performance artist, musician, painter, photographer, documentarian, filmmaker, and four-time NYC EMMY-nominated television producer.  Brian has a long history of clown performances in varied circumstances, including video, art installations, and amusement parks.

To find out more about the series:  http://www.afoolsidea.com

To find out about the kickstarter and how you can help:   http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/blightproductions/a-fools-idea-comedy-performance-life-and-clown

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