Buy His Book! Trav S.D.’s Chain of Fools

Trav S. D. The inimitable Trav S.D., author of (you guessed it) a brand new book, makes a vaudevillian style plea for you to liberate your wallet of that pesky green stuff and buy his brand new book,

Chain of Fools – Silent Comedy and Its Legacies from Nickelodeons to YouTube

which happens to be a fabulous and well-researched tome about the impact of older clowns on new generations.  There is a connection between  Buster Keaton and Steve-O and those kids who are constantly Youtubing their misadventures.  And Trav elegantly and expertly draws the connection for us, so that anyone (yes, even you!) can see it.

His previous book, No Applause–Just Throw Money: The Book That Made Vaudeville Famous was a wonderful foray into the history of Vaudeville (I hosted an online interview via the INkWELL series back when that book came out, you can read that interview here.)

The video is part of Trav S.D.’s and Jim Moore’s excellent series Vaudephone (of which, I am told, I will be in one of these days)

chain_of_foolsI love this video on so many levels– Trav is asking you to buy his book about Vaudeville using an old vaudeville-style song, using vaudeville techniques.  And the song is catchy, and funny, and corny, and self-effacing, and most importantly, IT TELLS YOU WHAT ITS PURPOSE IS!  One could easily imagine Groucho singing this very song.

So would somebody already buy his damned book already? They made him type it and everything!


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