BOOK: Amsterdam’s Compleat Fools.

Compleat Fools book

The Festival of Fools Barcelona 2022 is in fool swing right now.  I’ve seen a few of the shows this year so far, and have been posting excerpts of some of the videos I’ve taken over on my Instagram account: If you want to catch any of the festival, you should check out their website There are plenty of […]

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Joe Dieffenbacher

I’ve written about Joe Dieffenbacher before, but as it turns out, I’ve written mostly about projects he’s been involved with, or classes he’s been creating.  I’ve never written a post directly about him.  So It’s time.  It’s time. When I met Joe, he was the janitor at the Dell’arte School.  He’d graduated a few years before, and was hanging around […]

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Julie Goell’s Life In a Clownhouse

Julie Goell is a well-known performer and teacher of comedy and physical theatre, (and the wife of renowned Eccentric Avner.)  She has written a book about clowning and performing.  The book, entitled Life In A Clownhouse is part teaching manual, part memoir,  and all about her and Avner’s theories of performance and clowning. I have taken a couple of classes […]

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A Radio History of British clowning

Fascinating radio program on the history of British clowning from the BBC. Better listen to it in a hurry though, because it’s only available for 2 more days (not sure if it will be available for purchase afterwards.) Host Tony Lidington (who created a one man show based on British music hall master clown Dan Leno)  traces the role of the […]

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