NY Winter Commedia Workshop Dec 26-30, 2016


Stanley Allan Sherman

Stanley Allan Sherman will teach another one of his Roving Classical Commedia University workshops Dec 26-30, 2016. Stanley is a well-known commedia mask maker and expert on commedia.  We’ve featured Stanley a number of times here on clownlink, and he wrote a great guest post about what makes a great commedia mask.
He’s been teaching workshops like this one since 2001, and has studied with a number of masters in clowning and commedia, including Carlo Mazzone-Clementi and Hovey Burgess.  MORE ABOUT STANLEY


“Anyone can open the drawer marked Commedia dell’Arte,
but, having opened it, how does one know what to choose from it.”
Carlo Mazzone-Clementi 1974



Winter Workshop Special Guest Teacher Michela Musolino playing the tambor
Michela Musolino
Michela is a Sicilian-American folk singer known internationally, who specializes in the traditional and contemporary music of Sicily. She will be teaching Sicilian and Southern Italian tambourine.


Dec 26-30, 2016
In the spacious salon of CENTRO ESPAÑOL 239 West 14 St, NYC

hours: 8:30 AM – 3:00 PM
lunch 11:30 to 12:30
Optional personal warm-up starts at 8:15 AM

27.5 hours of total workshop time

fee: $395
deposit $45 – balance due of $350 before the first class

MORE INFO:  212-255-2882  or Contact Stanley

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