Laughs For the Left Behind: a Tribute to Pat Cashin

There’s going to be a clown event  called Laughs for the Left Behind – A Tribute to Patrick Cashin. next Saturday April 8 at 7 pm at the

Seashore Day Camp and School
404 Broadway
Long Branch, NJ 07740

As you might know, Pat Cashin was a well-loved and respected circus clown and performer who unexpectedly died last year– you can read my tribute to him here. He was involved in a lot of things, including clown education and the clown community in NJ.  The Laughter Arts Foundation (headed up by Michael Rosman) is putting on the event to remember Pat and to raise money for the family and for the clown community.

(At this point, Pat would probably go into a long and very funny diatribe about the Right Behind, and how the Right Behind was being neglected in this picture, and what we need to do is honor the right and the left equally.  Because they are both behind, and therefore deserve it.  There, I did it for him.)

The roster of clowns and performers is great, and I’m sure there will be some additions/subtractions.  (Probably mostly additions)  If I were in the area, I would have volunteered to perform as well!

Pat was a great guy and well worth remembering/honoring. He made quite an impact on nearly everybody he knew, and lots of people would like to step up and remember him.

The show itself will be a variety style show, with lots of people contributing their talent.


The evening will be headlined by Tony Award and MacArthur fellowship winner Bill Irwin.

Other performers include:

  • Archie Cobblepot
  • Barry Lubin
  • Circus Stella
  • Dick Monday & Tiffany Riley
  • Drew Richardson
  • Eepybird (Maine)
  • Greg DeSanto
  • Hilary Chaplin
  • Jeff Gordon
  • Kevin Carr
  • Mark Gindick
  • Michael Rosman

    and others!




Tickets are between $20 and $50 (for VIP seating) and $25 at the door.

To purchase tickets and get more info, visit

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